PINF Platform for JavaScript

The PINF Platform rooted in JavaScript is the result of many years of work with a heavy focus on flexible toolchain design so you can change your mind at any time. This has been a long-time solo effort which I hope to gradually grow without compromising my specific vision for it. (March 2016)

At the core of the PINF Platform for JavaScript is the:

PINF JavaScript Loader - Optimized JavaScript Bundle Loader

<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
    window.PINF.sandbox("//", {
    	onInitModule: function (moduleInterface, moduleObj) {
    		moduleInterface.log = function() {
        		console.log("Message from module:", moduleObj, arguments);
    }, function (sandbox) {
    }, console.error);

The loader represents the minimal footprint for an instance. It provides a nestable URI-based namespacing system used to load code bundles that implement all features of an application or system using just-in-time coupled modules, components and services.

Making a namespacing system that overlaps with the top-level-domain space the primary unit of multi-aspect composition opens up a world of possibilities. It elevates application and system development to internet-wide component orchestration around pure data-based (vs code) system models that drive system manifestation.

Other aspects of the PINF Platform are evolving and will be linked here when stable enough.
All repositories at (unless linked here) are to be considered UNSTABLE BLACK BOXES with NO SUPPORT.
The source code for this website is located at

Provenance: Content under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License and code under Free Public License by Christoph Dorn.

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